Bollywood's legendary heroines who started their career with Mallya's calendar

Bollywood's legendary heroines who started their career with Mallya's calendar

Even if Vijay Mallya has run away with thousands of crores of debt from India and all people are very angry with him, there is no such thing in his opinion that his relationship with Bollywood has always been good. Relationships between industrialists and film stars are always better, because these big businessmen spend a lot of money in films. This thing is not only with Vijay Mallya, but with almost all the big businessmen.

You must have heard about Kingfisher Calendar. This is a hot topic in the fashion industry and it is very important. The heroine who joins it becomes a big name in the Bollywood and modeling industry. Atul Kasbekar is a photographer who has been associated with it since the beginning. The idea behind this annual Kingfisher calendar was Vijay Mallya's own idea.

Let's tell you that many Bollywood actors took part in this photo shoot in the early stages of their careers. The heroines who had been the first model had photoshoot in this bikini calendar. These include many big names. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the heroines who started their career with this calendar.

Deepika Padukone's love for everyone was a very close relationship with the Mallya family. People used to say that Siddhartha Mallya and Deepika are in the relationship. But they soon separated. Earlier, he was seen together in the IPL matches and several other events. In 2006, Deepika made her photo shoot in this calendar and in 2007 she got a chance to debut her in Bollywood.

Let us tell you that after the celebration of this calendar, a competition was organized to feature it, in which the selected models got the chance to become part of this calendar. We have seen Lisa Hayden performing very well in movies like Queen and Shook. He was a famous model. Lisa Hayden appeared in 2011

Katrina Kaif was trying to enter Bollywood in a long time. Katrina's first film, Boom, is still discussed. In this he played a very bold character and Amitabh Bachchan also worked in this film. After this film, he made photoshoot in this calendar.

Isha Gupta was the second runner up of Miss India He has worked in Murder film. Only then did he get Photoshoot in the Kingfisher Calendar in 2009.

Listening to the names of these heroines, you must have felt that the actress who shot photoshoot in this calendar has fainted her luck. All of these became very famous. It has a great deal of hard work and performance. But the Kingfisher Calendar proved to be a lucky charm for them.

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