Haunted Places in Pune | Real Ghost Stories

Haunted Places in Pune | Real Ghost Stories

Dark, spooky, mysterious, mythical or the supernatural- India is known to be a land filled with secrets of the unknown, which give rise to so many theories and varied answers.
Think ghosts, vampires, demons or the usual Indian ‘buri aatma’. Does that make your eyes sparkle with excitement or does that make you cringe and hide under your blanket?

If you’re the kind who likes making spontaneous thrilling journeys, here are the reasons as to why you need to head to Pune for that ultimate adrenaline rush! Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you, the list of most haunted places in Pune

1. The Shaniwarwada Fort: Haunted Places in Pune

One look at it and you’ll be struck by its magnificent architecture. But that atmosphere of mystery that lies beyond its walls cannot go unnoticed. The fort is known for having witnessed a high level of supernatural activity. The story goes that this fort in Pune is haunted by the spirit of a dead young prince who was brutally murdered here.

It is said that on full moon nights, one can clearly hear the words “Kaka Mala Vachva” (“uncle save me”)- the final words of the prince emanating from the fort. Screams and cries are a constant affair every night. It is also said to be infested by dark spirits of the people who died in the fire that destroyed the fort. Entry is restricted after 6:30 p.m. So, you know what to do! ;)

2. Holkar Bridge: For a haunted drive

If you’re the ‘late night-long drive’ type, then this bridge is the perfect road to drive down at night. A number of mysterious deaths have left the locals dumbfounded and obviously a little scared. Several ghost sightings in the area has made this one of the most haunted places in Pune . Want a taste of fear? Then venture here; but after dark, only!

3. The Victory Theater: Live Horror Show

Thimayya road in Pune has experienced unexplained noises time and again from this age old theatre. The building is believed to be possessed and locals have reported screams and giggling breaking the eerie silence at unearthly hours. A live horror show will be the perfect after dark adventure! It doesn’t get more real than this. The eeriness of this place makes it one of the most haunted places in Pune.

4. Chandan Nagar: Say Hi to the ghostly girl

5. Choice Hostel, Karve Road: Dormitory for sleeplees nights

If you’re living in a hostel right now, then this might leave you with a few restless nights. This boys’ hostel in Pune has known to have witnessed quite a bit of paranormal activity. The students have reported sighting a young lady in a red sari, walking the corridors at midnight. Anklet noises and plenty of sobbing  at unearthly hours will send those shivers down your spine! We wonder how they sleep at night?!

6. The Haunted House, M.G Road: Shivers down your spine

Old and abandoned haunted place in Pune lying in shambles is a favourite with the ‘let’s explore’ lot. This creepy house hasn’t been lived in for no one knows how long. Apparently, a young girl was killed there and her cries and shrieks are often heard at night. So, go and see if you can find her! Mind the furniture that is hurled around, though.

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