Jism is mine and rules will run for me: Vidya Balan

Jism is mine and rules will run for me: Vidya Balan

Actress Vidya Balan is busy with the release of her upcoming release 'Begum Jan'. 'Begum Jan', 

directed by Shreejit Mukherjee, is also in a lot of discussion about the tagline of his poster, which states that my jism, my house, my country and my rules, this tagline shows that life in this Begum is very much. Actually, this tagline lets the whole movie in a few words. It can be seen as a new slogan for the Pisati women among social beliefs.

In the interaction with Navbharat Times.com, Vidya said, "This tagline of the movie is directed by the director of the film Mrs. Seet. When I saw this caption, I thought it was absolutely accurate according to the film's mood. I thought it was only for Begum Jan? I too think that my life, my home, my country and my only rule is that when everything is mine, then it will be law for me too. '

Vidya says about 'Begum Jan', 'When Shreejeet was making this film in Bengali after' Raj Kahini 'he offered me this. But at that time my little condition was bad and later I was in the mood to relax. That's why I refused. After which, he made a film about Rituparna Sengupta. Later, when I saw this film, I felt that the film should be made in Hindi too.

Vidya further says, "When I had forbidden Shreejit, I did not think that he would contact me again, once a director told you to refuse any movie, he became angry, I thought that Shreejit too You may have been angry. I was so happy when he came back to me with a Bengali form of 'Begum Jan' and said that I have made a film in Bengali. Now if you want, you can make it in Hindi too, you can see it and tell it. This time I had done yes to film in two days. '

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