There is no ghost in your house, know from these signals

There is no ghost in your house, know from these signals

New Delhi. Spirit, what the ghosts really are. It is still a mystery. The debate has begun in the mysterious circumstances of the pride doing research on paranormal activities in the past. is telling about the sign, on which basis the house is claimed to not be hanted.
- Let's say that several paranormal societies are working in Delhi, who also have a demand abroad. All these societies are registered and others have also been certified abroad.
- According to these societies, it is so rare that someone's house or room is hoisted.
If the signs of paranormal activity in the house appear once or twice, then understand that this is your void. However, if you see it again and again, you become conscious.

Paranormal Society does such work
According to the Paranormal Society, many people lose the negative energy in the home. In such a way the Society guides the phone.
Apart from this, by using small experiments, it says to tell the result. It is clear from these results that there is no negative energy at home.

- The society also gives evidence to the sufferer that his house is completely safe.
If there is any kind of negative energy then its paranormal Investigative Operation is run.
The victim is made to sign
According to Indian Paranormal Society, before working on any project, the victim is taken in two letters.

- The first letter is NOC and it is written in the second letter that the Paranormal Society has been invoked. The Society has not come out of its own accord.
- If any member of the house opposes the Paranormal Society, they stop working.
How was the death of pride
- Paranormal researcher Gaurav Tiwari lived in a flat with his family in sector 19 of Dwarka in Delhi. On July 7, he was found dead in a mysterious condition in his flat bathroom.
His death is also being linked to paranormal forces. Gaurav reached his team about five years ago to study in Bhangarh, Rajasthan.

During this time, he came here with all the equipment that was researched on the ghosts. Gaurav had also tried to talk to ghosts at Bhangarh.
- While doing research all night, he tried to ask questions from the ghosts, his questions were - did the princess Rattnavati stay here?
In addition, he also questioned a tantric named Sindiya. He had asked, Is Tantric Scindia residing here?
- Despite having such questions in every corner of the cast during the night, Gaurav and his team did not realize any kind of ghostly power nor got answers to their questions.

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