12 Weird Laws Banned Around The World

12 Weird Laws Banned Around The World

Some of the weirdest laws include not making love on a parked bike on the streets of London! Check out some of these laws, as they can simply amaze you, or probably shock you.

You Cannot Sleep Naked Here!

It is illegal to sleep naked after making love with your partner in Minnesota.
They need to quickly dress up after the act. We wonder who watches them over?? Hmm!? If you know of any such weird trivia, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

One Cannot Kiss For More Than A Minute!

It is illegal to kiss a person for more than one minute in Halethorpe, Maryland. We're only wondering who watches them with a stop clock

One Cannot Have More Than Two Sex Toys Here

In Alabama, it is illegal to have more than two sex toys, as a person cannot have more than two sex toys here. One can be prosecuted for this act. People believe quality over quantity here!
One Cannot Make Love With A Satan Here!

This is something that does not make sense! But a law of Bakersfield, California, claims that people cannot make love to a SATAN, unless they are wearing a condom!

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