WWE's richest womens

WWE's richest womens

Beautiful faces, delights and strengths, such that the six of the opponents get rid of. There is no emphasis on the wrestling rings, but even in the case of earnings it is miles away from many.

 10 of the WWE rings whose bank balance will surprise you. This earnings is due to their hard work in the ring, thanks to modeling and other other ad contracts. Only then are these WWE's richest ladies ...

Tory Wilsonotti was selected in MissGalaxy in 1998. Since then, his wrestling career began. She is a special friend of Wrestling Beauty Stacey Caliber, and both began her career with WWE in 2001. Tori 2014 also appeared on the cover of 'Playboy' magazine. Tory Wrestling is the world's richest Hasina, with more than $ 13 million i.e. 1 billion 13 million and more than 76 lakh rupees.

Stacy Cabelers is the name of Stacy Caballer in the list of Amir Hasina's second list. At the age of 19, Stacey, who started the wrestling career, owns a property worth $ 4.5 million, or more than 28 crore 44 thousand rupees. Stacy is a successful model and actress who says goodbye to WWE in 2006. Apart from this, he has also appeared in the reality show 'Dancing with Stars'.

Mikey James, who said goodbye to the WWE in 2010, is ranked third on this list. He is an owner of more than $ 4 million, that is, 25 million 28 lakh rupees. Apart from strong participation in the ring, he is also known for his melodious voice. In 2010, he also released Singer Album 'Strangers and Angels'.

Rena Marlet Lesnarrena is one of the female wrestlers who are known as sex symbols with their strong hold in the ring. He married Wrestler and $ 15 million property owner Brock Lesnar. Although her husband Mukesh, Rena's own property is 1.5 million dollars (more than 9 crore 48 lakhs), she is ranked 10th in the list of Wrestling's world's richest Hasina.

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