If you want a roll in the movie then spend 'night'

If you want a roll in the movie then spend 'night'

Two Kolkata-based models have accused a producer of sexually exploitation instead of giving a roll in the telefilm. The name of this film producer living in Mumbai is Jai Chimanlal Desai.

The police has arrested the alleged producer Desai, accused of sexual exploitation. Both models have alleged that the producer asked to spend the night with him to give a roll in a telefilm.

In this regard, South Eastern DC Gaurav Sharma said that Jai Chimanlal Desai told the victim himself as a producer of Mumbai. He called the model to sign the agreements for the role of telefilm and to get an advance payment of Rs 11,000 to meet in the hotel.

On Friday evening, the model reached a hotel in Baliganj with one of his friends. Desai asked both girls to spend the whole night with him. When he refused, Desai had a bad temper with him.

Somehow he escaped from them, both informed the police. After this, Gadhighat police arrested the accused producer. The police presented the accused in the court and he was sent to judicial custody till September 26.

Basically, both Assamese models live in Kolkata with their relatives. After the opening of this case of casting couch, the police fears that the accused has taken other girls and women in their strings like this.

The accused producer claimed to have associated himself with the famous production house of Mumbai. Police say that he is trying to ascertain whether the accused is actually a producer of Mumbai or not. The accused had established contact with the victim on social media.According to police sources, there is no such allegation for the first time in this city. Many people have come after the flood of acting in the schools in the city in the wake of demand for casting couch.

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