Item Song or big roll, what is Sunny Leone to Bahubali?

Item Song or big roll, what is Sunny Leone to Bahubali?

Actor Sunny Leone is getting many offers from Bollywood after Shah Rukh Khan's 'Rais' song 'Laila I Laila' item number.
Sunny expressed her desire to work in films such as Condom's Aid and Bahubali during the conversation with INDIA TODAY-TODAY. Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

After doing item number in movie 'Rais' with Shahrukh Khan, how have you changed the career, and what kind of offers are available?

 Sunny Leone: There was never a shortage of offers or work, but the search for big and good work was always there and after the 'Layla' song and after working with superstar like Shahrukh, the lack of good work has also been completed.

 When you join with the right people, whether it is an actor, production house or director, things are good. It is not that you know this will be a hit but the hope of right increases.
I have to do good rolls, it is not necessary that there are long page dialogues and the roll is also small, it does not matter unless they leave their impact in the story. Now I want to pay more than money.

Sunny Leone told - Shahrukh Khan is the best and dedicated father

Today, not only Hindi cinema, but also very good work in Regional Cinema. Like Bahubali 2 is so keen that you would like to join such films of South or not?

Sunny Leone: Surely would like to join It is important for me to work in a good film, it does not make any difference in what language it is making. English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu or Chinese - are interested in working in every language. The condition is that the project should be correct.

 Multilayer is a great movie and that is why people are eagerly looking forward to the other part and I would also like to see the multi-pillar 2 and would like to know why Kattpa hit the multiply.

Sunny Leone flashed on Ramu's tweet, given by video message ...

Recently some people objected that the hoardings and add-ons of the condom that you did had to be closed. Your feedback?
Sunny Leone: India's most beautiful thing is that it is a Democratic country. Everyone has the right to speak their word and I have full confidence in Freedom of Speech. These gadgets have to decide what to show and what not. I will not say no to what to say and what not to say.

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